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Ranqed has 25+ years experience in the SEO industry. We have perfected our model and know how to get your business on the first page of Google for the lowest possible cost. 

Performance Based SEO

Tired of paying thousands of dollars and not seeing results? Our pricing is 100% performance based. If your rankings don't improve, then you don't pay us a thing. 
On top of our unique pricing model, we offer a risk-free 30 day trial.
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We provide rank delivery through high-quality SEO. We send weekly reports and work closely with you to ensure you're happy with your keyword ranking results. We’ll teach and train you to have the mindset to be #1. 

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Our simple 4-step process will get you ranked in no time

Step 1

Before we can improve your search engine rankings, we need to get to know your business or agency. Our in-house SEO experts will create a custom optimization strategy based on your business goals. We will then perform an in-depth SEO audit of your website and company, including competitor and keyword research. 

Step 2

Next, our SEO experts will need access to your website and Google My Business. The quicker we get credentials, the quicker we can get your website ranking on search engines. 
Need us to sign an NDA? No problem! 

Step 3

In step 3, we'll focus heavily on optimizing your website and Google My Business profile. We begin to implement any necesary changes to structure, meta data, and content. On-page SEO is an essential step to getting noticed by search engines. 

Step 4

Finally, we focus on getting you high-quality backlinks. At Ranqed, we're firm believers in the old saying "Quality vs. Quantity". We guarantee genuine backlinks with high-domain authority that are built for sustainable long-lasting impact. 

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